Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There's an art to loss

written 6/8/2010

There's an art to loss
There's an art to saying goodbye
There's an art to
Breathe in breathe out
There's an art to asking why
And there's an art to not asking
There's an art, when the dance is all stilled,
To hold and release
Without stumbling
To roll as you fall
When the ground starts shaking
When the earth is quaking
There's an art to loss
There's an art
when your heart is breaking
There's an art
There's an art to breaking your heart.

But there is no art, when you're broken
When every word has been spoken
When the building has fallen, each brick on your head,
When reality stands thus: I live, and he's dead.


  1. Yes. Simple, deep, thought-provoking. True as far as I've gone into it. Grips especially because I had that concussion feeling for about a month.


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