Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good news! Summer internship! Yay!

I have neglected my poor blog, and you, dear readers. But there was a reason for it, and the reason was good. The reason was that I was BUSY. Really busy. Busier than I've been since Nelson died and I lost my job and all that other stuff went down. And I'd think of blogging, but I'd be too busy freaking out about my to-do list.

I did my taxes, which is good, because the government doesn't like it if you don't. Also: tax return. Me likey. But the bigger thing I did was finally send out my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) applications. Clinical Pastoral Education is hospital chaplaincy training. A week after sending the first one (the one which had no application fee), I got a call from [that hospital] CPE supervisor saying they were all full up for the summer, but she could save me a spot for the fall extended unit. I said that would be great! She also told me who else was still accepting applications in the area, so I sent the rest of my applications off that day. Before the week was out, I had heard from 2 of them saying they wanted me to interview. Also, I heard from the first hospital--she called and told me that a spot had opened up for the summer unit, would I like to come interview?

Long story short, I had three interviews--one on Monday, one on Friday, and the last one was the following Monday. The last interview was also the first place I had heard from. I ended up deciding on the place I interviewed with on Friday--since all three of them offered me places!

So, after telling the hospital I decided on (henceforth "Hospital") that I would be going with them, and sending them my deposit check, I had to fill out this online application. It took three days. That was the last week of Lent. (Holy Week is technically its own thing.) I hit "Send." It told me that my session had expired. I had no available brain cells left for it at that point, so after cursing at my computer and the internet a bit, I decided to give it a break.

The next day was Lazarus Saturday. I had choir practice, Divine Liturgy, then choir practice again. Then I ran to my other church (the church where I have my grief support group) to try to help out with the Pascha bread baking. Only by the time me and my friend got there (I brought my friend, who needs some kind of internet nickname for blogging purposes...suggestions welcome), all the bread had been baked, but I could still help with the glazing and the sugaring. The bread gets glazed, sugared, then popped back in the oven for a minute or two. Bulgarian Pascha Bread...it's heavenly. Anyhoo, then I had confession, and I was going to try to talk to Father about something, but he had no time that day (go figure--everybody and their uncle had confession that day, I think). But somebody was having a pysanky workshop. Pysanky are Russian/Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs--you use a stylus and hot beeswax to make the designs. I've always wanted to learn how it was done. So I finally got my chance! :) Then it was time for vespers--well, actually, it was vigil, since it was the eve of Palm Sunday. I went up and sang, which was probably imprudent, since I'd sung so much that morning, and my voice had gotten froggy. After the service I got some palms and pussy willows to take home (pussy willows are a Russian/Eastern European tradition for Palm Sunday, since there are no palms that far north).

I will spare you a detailed description of Holy Week, which was last week. Suffice it to say: there was church. There was lots and lots of church. Churchy goodness. I do like church. I sang a great deal. I'm out of singing-every-day condition these days, but I had a great time. By the end of the Pascha (Easter) service, which ended around 2:30 am (or was it 3? who's counting at that point? not me!), my voice was croaking.

We call this week Bright Week. Today is Bright Tuesday. Very apt, since it's about 85 degrees, and sunny. Today I went back to the Hospital because I had to report to Occupational Health. I had to bring my immunization records, of which I have plenty. Although they keep coming out with new vaccines that I have not been vaccinated with, like pneumonococcal somethingorother and so forth. Should I get those? Eh, who knows. One thing's for sure, I'm not going to work at the hospital without getting a flu shot first.

But today. Today I had a TB test called a PPD. I have to come back on Thursday. Then I get the PPD read, and I also get something called a Fit test, and honestly, I'm really not sure what that is. I'm going to Google it. Next week, I have to come back on Tuesday, and get another PPD, and then come back again next Thursday and have that read. Then, I understand, I will get some manner of form clearing me to attend an orientation session. Only after the orientation session will I get another form saying I have cleared Occupational Health and am A-OK to work at the Hospital. It's all a gigantic pain in the tuchus, but whatever I have to do, right? I wish I could just get it all done in one day, though. Or two days next to each other. It's like, gimme my rubber stamp! Oy...I understand why they do this, of course. It's just, lemme get it over with.

Which is pretty much how I feel about another friend of mine's upcoming wedding, which I shall attend, and at which I shall sing. I will sing, and concentrate on the lyrics, and the choir director, and not on the gigantic ouch, which I am sure I will think about anyway. Then I will congratulate the bride and groom, say hello to a few people, and flee. Luckily my grief group is meeting that very same afternoon. I hope I will not miss the whole thing due to the wedding, which I am glad will soon be over with, since I am sick of hearing about it. I'm happy for you, ok, buddy? Ca you find another topic to talk about? Please? Sometimes? Occasionally? Ever? (This friend is male, btw. Let's call him Chandler. Yes, like from "Friends." He's a little bit like that Chandler, too.)

My emotions have been up! and down. And then up again! and down again. Ooh, such a roller coaster ride, except without the fun.

But at least life in general is moving in a forwards direction...