Thursday, January 29, 2015

Darkness, my old frenemy

Darkness, my old frenemy, You've come to shadow-box with me: I shall not let you win today, I'll never let you win.
With the abyss you'll threaten me, Make all my senses dead to me, You will not wrest my faith from me Into your rictus grin.
Despair, for all you harry me Bully, harass, and sally me I'll never let you carry me To regions dark and grim
You tempt me with that last cravasse Where woes and troubles are all past I know it is an Auschwitz gas, And a poisoned web you spin.
You monstrous spider sucking light, You ghastly thing begetting fright, You servant of the things of night, I'll never let you win. (written 1/28/2015)

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