Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blogger, I'm leaving you for WordPress.

Blogger, Blogger, Blogger. What have you done with my links? Have you forgotten how this blog-thing is done? At least in 2004, if I posted links, they would post properly. I had to use html to do it, but they would post.

Is this because Google has decided to dispense with "Don't be evil" and has decided to be everywhere now? Or because they're concentrating on Android or something?

Anyhow, Blogger used to be a good platform, but after ignoring my poor blog for months (I had stuff going on...lots of stuff...some of which I just wrote about, as you saw), I came back to it, found out they'd totally changed the interface (made it worse!) and screwed up a whole bunch of blog links. Several of which had directed a lot of traffic to my site! Uncool, Blogger, uncool!

I'd been toying with the idea of bolting to WordPress for a while anyhow, and that was all the excuse I needed. So I've set up a WordPress version of my blog...ok, there's nothing ON it yet. I don't know whether I'll just put a link from my old blog to my new (like I usually do...seriously, follow the breadcrumbs back far enough and you can find my blog from 2004, even back to the old Blogger format) or just copy/paste my whole blog onto WordPress. There ought to be an automated way to do it. I'm just not enough of a tech geek to know how.

Regardless of whether this whole shebang gets ported onto WordPress or stays here, new content is going to WordPress from now on.

My blog is moving to (DRUMROLL PLEASE):

It will still be called The Unwedded Widow.
I just uploaded my whole entire blog from here to worked like magic! Wowza! All this technology!
I will be copying all my links from here to there.
Follow the breadcrumbs!
And thanks for reading. Always, always, always, thanks for reading.

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